Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Books that make me run into things: part one.

Recently I have read two books that I have almost literally been unable to put down.  Both have been adapted into fairly popular films and I can't believe I haven't read them earlier.

The first of the two was Kathryn Stockett's The Help which was filled with characters I either fell in love with and loathed.  While the ending wasn't exactly what I was hoping for it was a shocking and vaguely beautiful story about the overworked and underpaid black housekeepers in 1950s America prior to the Civil Rights movement.  It was sad and incredibly addictive and I highly recommend it to everyone.

The second was About a Boy by Nick Hornby.  The film seems to be shown on television here at least twice a month so I've seen it a fair few times and have never failed to enjoy it.  While it does seem to follow the book fairly closely the novel is fairly different in some areas and therefore worth reading.  I loved this so much that I walked around reading it, had it next to me while I folded washing and tried to do my liquid eyeliner while holding it up.  No, that didn't work.  I never fail to be surprised at the way British authors are able to so eloquently capture human relationships and emotions (my other favourite being Mark Haddon, who is an absolute star) and completely loved the relatability of this story.

I figure if you are so absorbed in a book that you are willing to run into walls and tables or have black smears of eyeliner down your cheeks for them then they must be pretty special, so I implore everyone to give these two stories a look.

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